Welcome to the Alabama Counseling Association Membership Database Information Site! 

Welcome to the Alabama Counseling Association (ALCA)!  ALCA is a state branch of the American Counseling Association and the professional association for many types of counselors across Alabama.  The ALCA mission is to enhance human development throughout the lifespan and to promote public confidence and trust in the counseling profession.
This informational site was created in Summer 2019 for folks to become new members, renew memberships, refine membership profiles, register for the annual conference and so much more! Please be patient as ALCA continues to build this site. We are excited about these new opportunities! 




Benefits of Membership

ALCA membership promotes professionalism for counselors across the state. Membership has many benefits including, but not limited to, announcements regarding events such as workshops sponsored by ALCA Chapters (Zones Across State) and Divisions (Types of Counseling Groups), the ALCA Annual Conference held each November, Legalese services, Legislative monitoring for the profession, etc. 

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ALCA Membership? 

ALCA membership provides excellent networking opportunities for all types of counselors across the state. Benefits include membership rates for the Annual ALCA Conference, membership rates for workshops provided by ALCA Chapters and Divisions throughout the year, ALCA website, ALCA Facebook page,  ALCA Journal, advocacy services, Legalese services, etc. Thank you to the many ALCA volunteers who serve in various positions on the ALCA Executive Council as well as in Chapter and Division Leadership who make all of these services happen so flawlessly throughout each year!

What about you? Are you interested in becoming more involved in ALCA? All volunteers have to be active members of ALCA. The best way to start out as a volunteer is by contacting your local Chapter President (Chapters = Zones across the state) and see what you can do to help out the local chapter. Divisions (types of counseling groups) also  provide wonderful start up volunteer opportunities! Here is a link to learn about the various Chapters and Divisions: 


ALCA operates under the guidance of the 2023-2024 ALCA Elected Officers and ALCA Executive Council. 

ALCA would love to talk with you about volunteer opportunities! 

 You may visit the ALCA website for more information.... www.alabamacounseling.org or contact the ALCA office at 205-423-5989.



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